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  History of Truman Senior Living

On May 24, 1970, the Lutheran Retirement Home in Truman, Minnesota was dedicated with 1500 people attending.  The retirement home was operated with a LRH Board of Directors made up of members of the Missouri Synod churches in the southern Minnesota area. For 37 years, the home was run under the direction of the Board.

Soon after the home's creation, volunteer members at the retirement home formed the Lutheran Retirement Home Auxiliary. This group of volunteers was valuable to the home and was committed to helping in many ways.  Fundraising was a way of raising money for the retirement home by sponsoring activities and events.  By being involved with these activities and offering to help where needed at Lutheran Retirement Home, these volunteers were able to enhance the quality of life to its residents.  The auxiliary served until the middle of 2007.

In addition to Lutheran Retirement Home being a complete care nursing home, Truman Manor was built in 1978. The Manor is made up of assisted and independent living apartments where its residents can elect how much help they need to maintain their qualtiy of life.

On July 1, 2007, Lutheran Retirement
Home became Truman Senior Living, Inc. and was leased  and operated by Eldercare of Minnesota.  Jim and Kathy Birchem, owners of Eldercare of Minnesota, took ownership of the retirement home in 2010. 

Truman Senior Living offers care to our senior population ranging from independent care to total nursing care.  We believe that growing old can and should be a positive and rewarding part of life's cycle.  We will strive to make this a reality for those who are entrusted to our care.